Although most people give very little thought to the lighting around their home, they should! Landscaping lighting isn’t just about highlighting your outdoor areas; it is also a matter of safety for your family and guests. Strategically-placed lighting will not only showcase and enhance your curbside appeal; it can deter would-be criminals, reduce the risk of a slip and fall injury, and increase the overall equity of your home for very little investment. These are just four reasons you should consider your landscape lighting objectives today.

Enhance Your Entertainment Space

Outdoor areas are an excellent way to extend your entertainment space and enjoy the fresh air. Landscape lighting will not only help to enhance the time you spend outside; it will help light the way so you reduce the risk of someone tripping and falling. Landscape lighting is a must for things like patios and decks, as well as a great way to guide your guests from one area to another safely.

Showcase Your Assets

You spend so much time, energy, and money maintaining the exterior of your home. Don’t let your investment be wasted by not flaunting it! Strategically-placed lighting can help to make your home light up at night for increased curb appeal, and it can draw attention to the little extras around your backyard. If you have flower beds and hardscapes, you can enjoy them not just at night, but year-round.


Leaving your home exposed by not having proper lighting is like an invitation to would-be criminals. A well-lit entrance, driveway, entry door, backdoor, and any other vulnerable point of visibility in your home will deter trespassers and make it more likely that they will move on to the next target. Not having a properly lit exterior is a real hazard that might be leaving you and your family exposed!

A Welcomed Extra

Lighting is one of those things that just screams “upgrade.” Even on a small budget, you can create ambiance and increase your home’s equity. Whether you are doing it to make your home more attractive or you intend to list your home soon, lighting is an investment that easily pays for itself. On average, the rate of return on your landscape lighting investment is more than 50% – up to as much as 100% if planned properly and executed well.

When it comes to landscape and design, one thing that is often missed is lighting, which is a huge mistake. Not having proper lighting is not only unsafe; it doesn’t do much to showcase all the time and attention you spend on the exterior of your home. At Green Earth, we believe in paying attention to the small details and devising a lighting scheme that matches the scope of your needs and your budget. Contact us today and let’s make sure to keep trespassers at bay and allow you to get the most from your landscaping design.