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Explore the world of Green Earth, LLC, where landscape transformation meets professional excellence in the Bartlett, TN, area. Dedicated to crafting outdoor spaces that are both aesthetically captivating and environmentally conscious, our expert team proudly offers a comprehensive suite of landscaping services.

Our expertise spans from envisioning inspired landscaping designs that seamlessly blend with Bartlett’s environment to creating impeccable hardscape installations that bring your vision to life.

Uncover Our Professional Landscape and Maintenance Services

Discover our comprehensive selection of services below, from outdoor lighting and landscaping to irrigation systems and beyond.

  • Lawn Care and Upkeep: Our comprehensive lawn maintenance offerings encompass mowing, tree trimming, edging, and more to preserve the vibrancy of your lawn with consistent, attentive care.
  • Landscape Design and Implementation: Our team specializes in crafting sustainable, visually appealing landscapes with thoughtfully designed flower beds, strategically planted trees, and more.
  • Exterior Lighting: Maximize your outdoor enjoyment with our tailored outdoor lighting solutions. Our lighting designs add charm and functionality, from illuminating your yard's natural beauty to creating a welcoming atmosphere during nighttime hours.
  • Lawn Irrigation Maintenance and Installation: Ensure your plants receive optimal hydration through our precise irrigation services. From the conventional sprinkler system to efficient drip irrigation, our seasoned professionals expertly install, maintain, and repair any irrigation system.
  • Elegant Hardscape Designs: From crafting inviting patios and pathways to constructing elegant arbors and sturdy retaining walls, our hardscape designs do a fantastic job blending form and function.
  • Sod Installation and Winter Care: Encourage thriving greenery through our meticulous sod installation, or rely on us for dependable snow removal to keep pathways accessible and safe during the colder months.
  • Drainage Solutions: Our experienced team does an amazing job engineering and implementing solutions that facilitate proper water flow, prevent potential water buildup, and protect the appearance and health of your outdoor environment.
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson
Been using Green Earth for 4 years now. We’ve received exactly what we expected and they are responsive to any concerns we have. Not that there have been any real concerns. They do a great job.
Don White
Don White
Arrive timely and I’m totally satisfied with the service each time
George Hampton
George Hampton
Great folks! Very personable and do great work!
Michael Salvino
Michael Salvino
Green Earth does a spectacular job in turning on, shutting down our sprinkler system including notifying the city and satisfying the ordinances. Highly recommend them.
Jack Cantrell
Jack Cantrell
I’ve worked with Green Earth on multiple projects. They do a great job. They are also very easy to work with. I highly recommend them for all types of landscaping, drainage , lighting projects. Jack Cantrell Cantrell Custom Pools

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From your family's front yard to your company building, we aim to provide seamless, affordable landscaping services in Bartlett, TN, for residential and commercial clients.

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